10 Best Application UIs

10 Best Application UIs
10 Best Application UIs

The winners of the first competition to identify the 10 best-designed application user interfaces are:

  • Campaign Monitor by Eyeblaster (Israel): Integrated management of multiple advertising campaigns for media buyers.
  • CMSBox by CMSBox (Switzerland): Content management system.
  • FotoFlexer by Arbor Labs (USA): Photo editor.
  • PRISMAprepare by Océ (The Netherlands): Print shop software.
  • Seating Management by Magellan Network and DesignMap (USA): Hostess-stand reservation book for restaurants.
  • SQL diagnostic manager by Idera (USA): Database performance monitoring and diagnostics.
  • SugarSync by Sharpcast (USA): Synchronizing files across multiple computers.
  • SuperSaaS by SuperSaaS (The Netherlands): Creating and hosting scheduling and reservation systems.
  • Wufoo by Infinity Box, Inc. (USA): Online forms, surveys, invitations, and payments.
  • Xero by...


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