5 Steps to Creating a UXDesign Portfolio

5 Steps to Creating a UX-Design Portfolio
5 Steps to Creating a UX-Design Portfolio

The word “designer” can mean many different things and a designer role comes with many possible skills and responsibilities. UX-design portfolios showcase who their owners are: the areas in which they specialize, their strengths, their processes, and their design styles.

In this article, I refer to a ‘designer’ as anyone who designs one or several components of the user experience — interaction flows, discrete interface elements, visuals, or omnichannel journeys, whether on a desktop, a touchscreen, or on some other device.

Many of our top 10 recommendations for UX-research portfolios also apply to design portfolios. A common misconception about design portfolios is that they are only made up of final...


5 Steps to Creating a UX-Design Portfolio | Beyond Blue Links: Making Clickable Elements Recognizable

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