5 Tips for Protecting Your FinTech Data Assets

5 Tips for Protecting Your FinTech Data Assets

Nasdaq’s automated quotations in the mid-seventies and online shopping in the mid-eighties were disruptive technologies for financial field. The latest disruptive fintech innovation, cryptocurrency, is gaining popularity with consumers, businesses and governmental bodies. Large corporations and governments are particularly interested in the underlying technology of cryptocurrency called blockchain. In fact, many organizations have launched initiatives to test the feasibility of using blockchain to facilitate accurate, fast and secure transactions.

The Latest Disruptive Technology in Fintech

While the future of cryptocurrency is ambiguous, past performance indicates that the high-tech financial instrument has a bright future. For instance, the value of one Bitcoin rose from $280 in 2015 to $1,000 in two...


5 Tips for Protecting Your FinTech Data Assets | Marginalia of Web Design

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