Augmented Reality What Does It Mean for UX

Augmented Reality: What Does It Mean for UX?
Augmented Reality: What Does It Mean for UX?

Popular apps like PokemonGO and SnapChat have brought the term “augmented reality” into the spotlight. In July 2016, Niantic, the parent company of PokemonGO (and of the popular augmented-reality game Ingress) reported revenue streams of $10 million per day from PokemonGO alone, proving that augmented-reality features can be successful in a mainstream market. This newly sparked interest in augmented reality has led to the term being liberally applied to many technologies, including some that might not necessarily qualify, such as this recorded hologram of Michael Jackson performing for a live audience.

Definition: Augmented reality (AR) refers to technology that incorporates real-time inputs from the existing world to create an output...


Augmented Reality: What Does It Mean for UX? | How Long Do Users Stay on Web Pages?

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