Best Application Designs

Best Application Designs
Best Application Designs

The winners for best application user interfaces of the year are:

Complex Applications

  • The web-based BondWorks wealth management platform (BondDesk Group LLC) provides financial advisors with a streamlined system to trade fixed-income assets.
  • The portable GEN2i (Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbH, Germany) lets users record engineering data in the field.
  • OEConnection (OEConnection LLC) lets parts department employees at auto dealerships and repair facilities process more than 6 million original equipment parts transactions monthly.

Lightweight Applications

  • CycleStreets Mobile (CycleStreets Ltd. and Anna Powell-Smith, UK) helps cyclists plan safe, fast routes for cycle journeys using crowd-sourced map data.
  • VitreaTeach (Vital Images, Inc.) is an educational tool that radiology residents and practicing radiologists can...


Best Application Designs | Iterative Design and Testing of Icon Usability

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