Stop Focusing on Cryptocurrencies Problems. Consider its Future.

While critics and proponents trade jabs, cryptocurrency continues its steady march forward. Individual cryptocurrency coins will remain volatile in 2019. The individual cryptocurrencies will remain volatile in 2019 and beyond, but the game-changing power of the technology as a whole can’t be denied. Sure, those trying to make a quick buck in a deregulated market might have

Robotics and Big Data are Transforming Nursing: 4 Key Insights

If you’re not a member of the healthcare community, then you might not be aware of a quiet crisis creeping up on hospitals all over the country: not enough nurses and too many patients. This trend is partially fueled by the Baby Boomers who are reaching old age. Baby Boomer nurses are beginning to retire

Blockchain Success Stories Show Valuable Opportunities

Over the past two years, we’ve witnessed the cryptocurrency market explode onto the scene, minting billionaires overnight, followed by an implosion that has wiped out up to 80 percent of the market’s value. All along, the true believers have continued to insist that this is just the growing pains of a new and dynamic financial

Blockchain Success Stories Show Valuable Opportunities
Freewheeling Freelancers will Dominate the Future Jobs Market

Where once upon a time, it was seen as essential to travel to a working environment to liaise with employers or clients and store relevant information, technological advances have paved the way for seamless remote working conditions and the ability to handle many tasks from anywhere in the world. The age of interconnectivity has already

Freewheeling Freelancers will Dominate the Future Jobs Market
FinTech is Transforming the Finance Industry

The FinTech industry is transforming the financial services landscape. Operators in this field consist of a range of enterprises that leverage technology to deliver bold new services to consumers and businesses. The impact of the FinTech industry on the financial industry can’t be overemphasized. In 2015, investment in FinTech surpassed $19 billion. At that time


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