Despite What You Hear You Dont Need VC Funding

Despite What You Hear, You Don’t Need VC Funding

According to the most recent edition of PitchBook’s Venture Monitor, the first half of 2018 saw 94 investment deals surpassing the $100 million mark, continuing a trend in which late-stage successful startups and larger companies receive the lion’s share of VC funding allocations. That’s not to say that seed rounds for startups don’t get VC investment, but by and large, investors are looking for a few established business models with huge potential returns. In short, it can be tough for the little guy.

To be clear, that’s not why I elected to start a company without VC funding. “Elected” is a strong word here, because I actually can’t claim I made a deliberate...


Despite What You Hear, You Don’t Need VC Funding | Website Response Times

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