Is Poor Usability Killing ECommerce

Is Poor Usability Killing E-Commerce?

Did poor usability kill e-commerce? No. First off, despite the closure or dramatic downscaling of many sites now that the dot-com bubble has burst, e-commerce is not dead. Second, sites have gone under because expenses were greater than revenues, and usability mainly impacts the second of these parameters.

If Users Can’t Buy, You Don’t Make Money

How much impact does usability have on revenues? In a recent study, we watched users make 496 attempts at performing tasks on e-commerce sites. The test spanned 20 sites based in the U.S., focusing on large sites but including a few smaller ones as well. On average, the user success rate was 56% .



Is Poor Usability Killing E-Commerce? | Overuse of Overlays: How to Avoid Misusing Lightboxes

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