MCommerce Terrible UX

M-Commerce: Terrible UX

2017: Mobile UX Still Bad, but Slightly Better

Adobe Analytics’ data from “Cyber Monday” in 2017 is based on an analysis of one trillion visits to over 4,500 ecommerce sites. Desktop computers now only account for slightly more than half of visits to ecommerce sites, but the sites got dramatically less revenue from visitors on mobile devices than they got from visitors coming from desktops. Thus desktop still generates 2/3 of the revenue, which is what matters to business.

The data is as follows:

2017 data Traffic Revenue Ratio
Desktop computers 53% 67% 1.27
Mobile phones 40% 24% 0.60
Tablets 8% 9% 1.18

The ratio between revenue and visits...


M-Commerce: Terrible UX | Ensure High Contrast for Text Over Images

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