Microinteractions in User Experience

Microinteractions in User Experience
Microinteractions in User Experience

What Are Microinteractions?

Many of our everyday interactions with computer systems fall under the large umbrella of microinteractions. Microinteractions provide feedback to the user, often through conveying system status or helping users prevent errors. Additionally, microinteractions can be used as a vehicle for branding.

Definition: Microinteractions are trigger-feedback pairs in which (1) the trigger can be a user action or an alteration in the system’s state; (2) the feedback is a narrowly targeted response to the trigger and is communicated through small, highly contextual (usually visual) changes in the user interface.

User-initiated triggers can consist of a GUI command or can be gestural or voice-based, whereas a system-initiated trigger involves...


Microinteractions in User Experience | Banner Blindness: The Original Eyetracking Research, 10-year research overview

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