Mobile Navigation Image Grids or Text Lists

Mobile Navigation: Image Grids or Text Lists?
Mobile Navigation: Image Grids or Text Lists?

An attendee in the Visual Design for Mobile class asked me an interesting question: do images aid navigation , as opposed to purely textual menus? While I have observed users navigate through both types of designs in numerous mobile-usability studies, I had not recently compared these two design patterns for mobile phones. Thus, I decided to conduct a quick remote unmoderated usability test: websites to analyze were identified, tasks were written, and 3 days later the entire study was complete. My answer after all this? As with many topics within web design, it depends.

Text Menus Are More Efficient

Mobile users have a limited patience for long interaction times, even...


Mobile Navigation: Image Grids or Text Lists? | Responsive Web Design (RWD) and User Experience

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