Mobile8217s New Power Couple PWA and AMP

Mobile’s New Power Couple: PWA and AMP
Mobile’s New Power Couple: PWA and AMP

We’ve been talking about the mobile web for a while now. Before the smartphone took over, users could use a modified web browser on their phones to render slow, frustrating versions of the desktop experience. In 2007, with the proliferation of the smartphone, a browser began rendering the full experience.

Soon, everyone got on board and organizations began creating mobile versions of their site. However, inefficient and clunky infrastructure left users dependent on their desktop. Finally, the mobile web reached a point of maturation with the creation of Responsive Web Design. Using the same code for desktop and mobile and controlling for preferences, development became more efficient but mobile speed...


Mobile’s New Power Couple: PWA and AMP | Store Finders and Locators

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