Portfolios for UX Researchers Top 10 Recommendations

Portfolios for UX Researchers: Top 10 Recommendations

When we survey UX professionals about their career growth, we often hear that presenting a strong portfolio of past work is an important piece of the job-search process. As the global user-experience community grows and matures, we expect that it will be increasingly important for job applicants to present their research skills and past work.

A UX design portfolio can show the designs, from early sketches to polished screenshots. (Plus, definitely, a discussion of the design thinking behind the designs.) But as a researcher, you may wonder what exactly belongs in your portfolio. The work that you do is detailed and context-sensitive, so it may feel difficult to summarize for...


Portfolios for UX Researchers: Top 10 Recommendations | HealthCare.gov’s Account Setup: 10 Broken Usability Guidelines

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