Remote UX Work The NNg Case Study

Remote UX Work: The NN/g Case Study
Remote UX Work: The NN/g Case Study

People often ask me, “Where’s NN/g based?” They’re always surprised when I respond, “Nowhere, really.” Our team is completely remote, and we’re scattered across the United States. And we’ve worked this way every year of the company’s 21 years’ history.

Challenges of Remote UX Work

Working remotely is a challenge for any team, but it can be especially difficult in the field of UX. If you’re a manager or owner considering remote UX work (or an employee looking to convince your boss) here are some specific challenges and recommendations, based on our successful 100%-remote structure.

Ideation and Collaboration

UX design often requires collaboration to generate ideas. In-person ideation workshops are much easier than the...


Remote UX Work: The NN/g Case Study | Tunnel Vision and Selective Attention

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