RW Q038A Monisha Perkash founder of Lumo Bodytech

RW Q&A: Monisha Perkash, founder of Lumo Bodytech

Monisha Perkash is co-founder and CEO of a successful wearables company, Lumo Bodytech.

She sat down with us at ReadWrite to to talk about her experience founding an IoT company today and to ponder what she sees as the future of IoT. She’ll be speaking on panel on bringing your wearable to market at the Wearable World Congress event, May 11 in Santa Clara.

Perkash describers her firm as a wearables company that specializes in movement intelligence.

“We use sensor technologies and algorithms to track human body movements to a very fine degree of resolution,” Perkash says. “We provide people with actionable feedback so they can move better. Think posture, yoga, running, golf, physical...


RW Q&A: Monisha Perkash, founder of Lumo Bodytech | The User Experience of Customer-Service Chat: 20 Guidelines

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