What to Consider When Leveraging File Sharing

File sharing with your team, partners, vendors, and customers has raised productivity and efficiency levels to new heights. However, it’s also led to some challenges that must be addressed in order to continue leveraging the benefits of the process of file sharing.  In the early days of file and folder management technique, teams were happy

The Business Benefits of Visualizing Your Data

As your business accumulates more and more data, it becomes increasingly difficult to sift through the information for relevant insights. Even with advanced tools at your disposal, such as AI or machine learning, there’s a massive influx of information to take in. It becomes necessary to organize the evidence into larger datasets you can view

Security Teams Need to Be Prepared With an Incident Response Plan

Investors are more worried than ever about digital threats. Respondents to PricewaterhouseCoopers’ 2018 “Global Investor Survey” named cyberthreats the top threat to businesses — a leap from fifth place the previous year. Those fears are justified. Research published last December by SafeBreach, which studied 3,400 security breach methods, reported a malware infiltration success rate above 60 percent. Once inside

Is Your Chief Security Officer Prepared for M&A?

It’s far too soon to accurately predict what the Starwood breach will mean to the Marriott brand. However, it’s reasonable to assume there will be action taken to seek remediation for the citizens of EU companies via GDPR. This could be a penalty of at least 20 million euros, assuming the minimums apply. US lawmakers are already looking at more robust legislation that can drive required operational investments, new penalties and more, impacting a company’s bottom line. Will the longer-term result of the Starwood breach include a tighter due diligence process for M&A activities? Will

13 Major Vulnerabilities Discovered in the Popular IoT OS FreeRTOS

What you need to know to keep your IoT software secure. The Internet of Things (IoT) has been hailed as an integral ingredient of the 4th Industrial Revolution, transferring the power of software and connectivity into the physical world. However, before we can run into the “smart” future where our coffee pot talks to our


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