Service Blueprints Definition

Service Blueprints: Definition
Service Blueprints: Definition

Service design is the activity of planning and organizing a business’s resources (people, props, and processes) in order to (1) directly improve the employee’s experience, and (2) indirectly, the customer’s experience. Service blueprinting is the primary mapping tool used in the service design process.

What Is a Service Blueprint? 

Definition:  A service blueprint is a diagram that visualizes the relationships between different service components — people, props (physical or digital evidence), and processes — that are directly tied to touchpoints in a specific customer journey.

Think of service blueprints as a part two to customer journey maps. Similar to customer-journey maps, blueprints are instrumental in complex scenarios spanning many service-related...


Service Blueprints: Definition | The Illusion of Completeness: What It Is and How to Avoid It

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