Setup of an Eyetracking Study

Setup of an Eyetracking Study
Setup of an Eyetracking Study

Eyetracking Research

Eyetracking equipment  can track and show where a person is looking. To do so, it uses a special light to create a reflection in the person’s eyes. Cameras in the tracker capture those reflections and use them to estimate the position and movement of the eyes. That data is then projected onto the UI, resulting in a visualization of where the participant looked.

This research can produce three types of visualizations:

  • Gazeplots (qualitative)
  • Gaze replays (qualitative)
  • Heatmaps (quantitative)

This gaze plot shows how one participant processed a web page in a few minutes. The bubbles represent fixations – spots where the eyes stopped and looked at; the size...


Setup of an Eyetracking Study | Website Response Times

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