Mistakes University Students and Graduates Make in Their Jobs

Finding the first job after the graduation is the most time consuming and stressful task. Despite of knowledge and skills, it becomes difficult to climb up the ladder of the career. Choosing the right career is important as it will impact you the whole life. There are many considerations in choosing up the right path

A 60-Second Trailer of the 60-Day Report on Cybersecurity

She explained that the original design of the Internet was driven more by considerations of interoperability rather than security, and as a result we are now faced with almost insurmountable issues. Some examples include online criminals who steal our information, mass bandits who have the ability to damage portions of our internal infrastructure, and the recent ATM scam that law enforcement sources claim is one of the most frightening and well coordinated heists they’d ever seen. “In a single 30 minute period,” Hathaway said, “138 ATMs in 49 cities around the world

A 60-Second Trailer of the 60-Day Report on Cybersecurity
How Tech Startups Succeed With a Fully Remote Model

Startups are starting to launch without a central headquarters, or any designated office building, in an attempt to create “fully remote” businesses. The premise is simple; operate with all your leaders and employees working remotely, sometimes all over the world, to cut costs and broaden your potential employee pool. To conventional businesses, the notion seems

Argentina is Stepping-Up as a Country of Web Developers

For those looking to form a company in Argentina’s high value IT industry, there has never been a better time to do so. In 2018, the country’s currency plunged against the US dollar, and as a result, it’s cheaper than ever to invest and get started on a new business venture. Foreign companies are not restricted from participating in Argentina’s IT industry. What’s more, the average monthly salary for an employee in Buenos Aires is US$550, according to Check In Price, which makes recruitment and managing a team relatively inexpensive. When you compare that to the average cost of a

Argentina is Stepping-Up as a Country of Web Developers
Business Loan vs Equity Financing: How to Fund Your Startup

When it comes to raising money for your startup, there are several ways of doing it. However, out of all startup funding options, the two most popular methods are Loan and Equity. Both types of loans are very different from each other, and sometimes it becomes challenging to choose the right option for your business


Startups | Scoped Search: Dangerous, but Sometimes Useful