Stop Focusing on Cryptocurrencies Problems Consider its Future

Stop Focusing on Cryptocurrencies Problems. Consider its Future.

While critics and proponents trade jabs, cryptocurrency continues its steady march forward.

Individual cryptocurrency coins will remain volatile in 2019.

The individual cryptocurrencies will remain volatile in 2019 and beyond, but the game-changing power of the technology as a whole can’t be denied. Sure, those trying to make a quick buck in a deregulated market might have clouded the waters recently. But as the crypto landscape takes shape, doubters will see that crypto is destined to succeed.

Creating Lasting Value

New research from Satis Group shows that crypto trading volume will increase by 50 percent this year. That’s enough to overtake the trading volume of corporate debt in the U.S.

Short-term coins will...


Stop Focusing on Cryptocurrencies Problems. Consider its Future. | The Roots of Minimalism in Web Design

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