Storyboards Help Visualize UX Ideas

Storyboards Help Visualize UX Ideas
Storyboards Help Visualize UX Ideas

Storytelling plays a large role in our job as UX professionals. A story captures attention, provides clarity, and inspires teams and stakeholders to take action. There are many ways to visually communicate stories to our teams and stakeholders — UX stories, storyboards, journey maps, and empathy maps being a few examples. In this article we focus on storyboards.

What Is a Storyboard?

You may already be familiar with the concept of storyboards from film, animation, or comic books. While the level of fidelity differs across industries, storyboards always communicate a story through images.

Definition: A storyboard communicates a story through images displayed in a sequence of panels that chronologically maps...


Storyboards Help Visualize UX Ideas | Carousel Usability: Designing an Effective UI for Websites with Content Overload

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