StudioPress Theme Spotlight Altitude Pro

StudioPress Theme Spotlight: Altitude Pro .
StudioPress Theme Spotlight: Altitude Pro .

In an effort to help the WordPress community grow and prosper as well as expand and add value to the WP Engine Digital Experience platform, WP Engine recently acquired StudioPress. For our customers, this means, in addition to the Genesis framework, they’ll have access to 35 premium themes. All StudioPress themes are built using the Genesis Framework, are professionally designed, mobile-responsive, and built for seamless use, right out of the box.

Starting this week, we’ll be exploring the StudioPress themes, one by one. This week, we’ll showcase Altitude Pro, a bold and enticing child theme build to work in combination with the reliability of the Genesis framework.

First Things First



StudioPress Theme Spotlight: Altitude Pro . | When to Use Which User-Experience Research Methods

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