The Evolution of Healthcare Data 5 Little Known Facts

The Evolution of Healthcare Data: 5 Little Known Facts

Data is absolutely crucial in modern healthcare. Without data, doctors have very little context for their patients’ health—they don’t have historical benchmarks, making it much harder to treat medical problems. Big data, which many hospitals are beginning to integrate into their day-to-day operations, has the power to help diagnose patients, improve outcomes, cut down on patient wait times, and even reduce medical errors.

Today, most hospitals are moving away from paper records in the United States, in order to serve patients better and make doctors more effective. In 2015, 83.8% of hospitals had at least basic electronic health records (EHRs), and that number continues to grow every year. EHRs allow...


The Evolution of Healthcare Data: 5 Little Known Facts |’s Account Setup: 10 Broken Usability Guidelines

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