Top 10 ApplicationDesign Mistakes of 2008

Top 10 Application-Design Mistakes of 2008
Top 10 Application-Design Mistakes of 2008

It’s hard to write a general article about application design mistakes because the very worst mistakes are domain-specific and idiosyncratic. Usually, applications fail because they (a) solve the wrong problem , (b) have the wrong features for the right problem, or (c) make the right features too complicated for users to understand.

Any of these three mistakes will doom your app, and yet I still can’t tell you what to do. What’s the right problem? What are the right features? What complicating curlicues can safely be cut from those features? For each domain and user category, these questions have specific and very different answers.

The only generalizable advice is this:...


Top 10 Application-Design Mistakes of 2008 | Evolution of a Home Page Design: Article by Jakob Nielsen

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