Top 10 Intranet Trends of 2016

Top 10 Intranet Trends of 2016
Top 10 Intranet Trends of 2016

Each winning intranet has its own style, feature set, and personality, unique and special in its own way. But, great minds do think alike, and some themes and features are common in multiple or all of the winning intranets in our Intranet Design Annual 2016.

The 10 best-designed intranets for 2016 may be leading-edge cases, but the trends in their design should spread to more mainstream intranets in the next few years. Although every intranet feature won’t work well at every organization, feature trends from outstanding intranets can inspire your intranet redesign. Stay ahead of the curve and consider taking on some of the following intranet design trends now:

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