Usability Testing with Minors 16 Tips

Usability Testing with Minors: 16 Tips

Recently we published the 4th edition of the UX Design for Children report and the 3rd edition of the UX Design for Teenagers report, which covered the usability of sites and apps for minors aged 3–12 and 13–17, respectively.

Conducting user research with young users requires additional considerations compared with studies with adult participants. For example, from a legal perspective, children and teens cannot give their own permission to participate in the study and therefore we must work with their parents or legal guardians to get formal permission. Additionally, children and teenagers tend to get distracted more easily than adults, they often read at a lower proficiency level, and their...


Usability Testing with Minors: 16 Tips | Overuse of Overlays: How to Avoid Misusing Lightboxes

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