User Skills Improving But Only Slightly

User Skills Improving, But Only Slightly
User Skills Improving, But Only Slightly

Enemies of usability have two counter-arguments against design guidelines that are based on user research:

  • “You’re testing idiots — most users are smarter and don’t mind complexity.”
  • “You were right in the past , but users have now learned how to use advanced websites, so simplicity isn’t a requirement anymore.”

I decided to put these claims to the test in a new study we’re currently conducting. Because we’re testing this year’s sites with this year’s users, the study automatically assesses the second claim.

We can’t directly assess whether our study participants are idiots, since we don’t subject them to an IQ test. But participants’ comments during all of our studies...


User Skills Improving, But Only Slightly | A 60-Second Trailer of the 60-Day Report on Cybersecurity

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