UX Mapping Methods Compared A Cheat Sheet

UX Mapping Methods Compared: A Cheat Sheet
UX Mapping Methods Compared: A Cheat Sheet

Designing and developing a product often involves a large team of people with different backgrounds and experiences who must be on the same page about the project goals, the user needs and behaviors, and even the component processes involved. This common understanding is often built with visualizations (commonly referred to as mappings). Mappings make sense of and describe various aspects and processes associated with a product.

Four Types of Mapping

This article gives an overview of four commonly used mappings, their defining characteristics, and when to use which:

  • Empathy mapping
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Experience mapping
  • Service blueprinting

Additionally, this article will outline the decisions that must be made before any...


UX Mapping Methods Compared: A Cheat Sheet | Customer-Service Information on Websites: The Hub-and-Spoke Model

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