WordPress for Good Relieving Fatigue

WordPress for Good: Relieving Fatigue .
WordPress for Good: Relieving Fatigue .

Earlier this year, we honored Webby for Good nominees using WordPress to bring positive changes to the world. On November 15th, 2018 industry experts and technology innovators from across the EU will meet for the Webby’s European sister show, The Lovie Awards. Winners are selected for creating a stunning overall digital experience as well as for excellence in select areas: websites, apps, mobile sites and podcasts, online advertising, internet video, and social media.

This year, WP Engine partnered with The Lovie Awards to bring Lovie For Good, a project highlighting digital experiences bringing positive change to the world. From an algorithm to promote compassionate leadership to campaigns recognizing the importance...


WordPress for Good: Relieving Fatigue . | Official Olympic Website: UI Silver - but UX DQ

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