WP Engine All Hands Spring 2019 EMEA

WP Engine All Hands Spring 2019: EMEA
WP Engine All Hands Spring 2019: EMEA

Last week, WP Engine employees from our Limerick and London offices came together for the bi-annual All Hands event in Limerick. All Hands is a 2-day event where employees come to engage with, collaborate, and strategize with employees from other offices. This year’s theme was “Boldly Go” in honor of the famous sci-fi sagas Star Wars and Star Trek. In addition to discussing goals for the upcoming year and new strategies for success, the team took moment to have a good time.

Events on the agenda included team lunches, Q&A sessions with executives, information sessions, and a company party with a talent show. Next week, employees in US offices will come...


WP Engine All Hands Spring 2019: EMEA | Why Country Sites Are So Bad

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