Your Pitch to VCs is More Than a Deck

Your Pitch to VCs is More Than a Deck

Pitch decks are underestimated and overestimated. Some founders dismiss the deck as pure “show” and cobble together a few slides for their venture capital (VC) audience. But I suspect that most founders spend tens of hours perfecting their deck. I worry that their efforts are concentrated in the right place but on the wrong problems.

Pitch decks are powerful because they reflect on your brand and style. They can give life to your argument and supporting stories, but they cannot close the deal without you, the presenter. 

To get this three-part series on pitch decks rolling, let’s cover the purpose of a pitch, what it has to answer, and where...


Your Pitch to VCs is More Than a Deck | Auto-Forwarding Carousels, Accordions Annoy Users & Reduce Visibility

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